12 Jun 2023

Techno-Commercial Session – Automechanika Istanbul

Our team recently attended Automechanika Istanbul, a globally renowned trade fair for the automotive aftermarket industry. This year’s event, held from June 8th to 11th, 2023, proved to be a significant experience for the LUBIMAX® team. Our team experienced the excitement of reinforcing our relations with our business partners, beginning new collaborations and being together with industry experts.

On June 9th, 2023, in collaboration with our esteemed partners Kemipex and Alyachem, we organized a Techno-Commercial Session. This session provided us with an exceptional platform to strengthen our existing relationships with our business partners while exploring exciting opportunities for future collaborations. Additionally, we had the privilege of being in the company of industry experts, which added immense value to our experience.

Throughout the event, our team actively engaged in networking activities along with commercial and technical presentations delivered by two distinguished speakers. Ben Nathan, the Kemipex Global Technical and Business Development Manager, shared invaluable insights into the latest LUBIMAX® products. Emrah Parmak, the Alyachem Sales Manager, provided a comprehensive overview of market trends and opportunities. This exposure allowed us to showcase the extensive range of LUBIMAX® products, highlighting their myriad benefits and diverse applications. Moreover, we took pride in demonstrating the expertise of our team and the unique solutions we offer to our customers.

The Automechanika Istanbul event proved to be a resounding success for us. We are immensely grateful to all our partners and visitors who took the time to participate and contribute to another LUBIMAX® event. Your presence and active engagement played a pivotal role in making this event an unforgettable experience.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate attending Automechanika Istanbul next year, where we hope to build on our success and continue fostering stronger connections with our partners and customers. We also plan to host more Techno-Commercial Sessions, providing a platform for industry professionals to come together, exchange knowledge, and explore innovative solutions.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made Techno-Commercial Session a success. Your support and participation are deeply appreciated. We remain committed to delivering excellence in our products and services, and we look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with all of you.

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