LUBIMAX® delivers the best in lubricant additive technology; our product portfolio meets and surpasses many significant standards.

Our additives are designed by industry experts and contribute advanced engineering technologies to our clients’ finished products. We offer a wide range of packages covering every category of Automotive and Industrial applications, such as PCMO, HDEO, Two-Stroke Engine Oil additive packages, Gear Oil packages, Hydraulic Fluid packages, etc. We also offer a wide range of Viscosity Improvers and Pour Point Depressants. We offer many other additive components critical to the formulation of any lubricant, such as TBN Boosters, Extreme Pressure Additives, Antifoam, Antiwear, Dispersants, Antioxidants, Polyisobutylenes and many more lubricant technology solutions. Our line of products extends into Brake Fluids, Coolants and Poly Alpha Olefins.

Our products originate from the roots of our core values and are therefore innovative, customer-centric, available globally and most importantly, sustainable. We always integrate sustainability with the innovative design of our products and ensure that these practices are also reflected in the finished products of our customers.

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