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We at LUBIMAX® take immense pride in our ability to provide high-quality, specially engineered additive grease additive packages and components. Our products are meticulously designed to manufacture high-performance greases suitable for a wide array of applications. Whether it is automotive, industrial, or any other specialized requirement, our grease additives deliver the performance one can rely on.

Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, we have carved our niche as the leading grease additive suppliers in the UAE region. Our advanced production methodologies, coupled with our proficient team, enable us to manufacture greases that successfully cater to the varying needs of our diverse clientele, reinforcing our position in the industry.

LUBIMAX® - Empowering Grease Manufacturers Across Industries

Grease manufacturers serve a diverse range of industries, from automotive and construction to aerospace and marine. LUBIMAX® understands the unique challenges and demands of these sectors, and we have tailored our grease additives to excel in each application.


In the automotive industry, grease is critical in ensuring the smooth operation of various components, from wheel bearings to chassis fittings. LUBIMAX® offers a range of additives to grease manufacturers that enhance the lubricating properties and durability of automotive greases. Our additives are engineered to perform under extreme conditions, ensuring the safety and reliability of vehicles.


In industrial settings, greases are used in various machinery and equipment. LUBIMAX®'s industrial-grade additives are formulated to withstand heavy loads, high temperatures, and harsh environments. Whether it's in manufacturing plants, steel mills, or mining operations, our grease additives contribute to the longevity and efficiency of the greases used in industrial equipment.

Specialty Applications:

Greases used in specialty applications, such as aerospace and marine, demand exceptional performance and reliability. LUBIMAX®'s expertise extends to these sectors, offering specialized additives that meet stringent industry standards. From aircraft components to shipboard machinery, our additives enhance the performance and longevity of critical systems.

The LUBIMAX® Advantage

The cornerstone of our success in the grease additive industry lies in how effectively our products enhance the performance of the greases. We impart desired properties to the finished products, ensuring they withstand extreme pressures, resist wear, and minimize friction. This further translates into extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs – a testament to the LUBIMAX® advantage.

As grease additive suppliers, we understand the significance of consistency in quality. With that vision, we strive to maintain the highest standards in our production processes. It is our dedication to quality and consistency that sets us apart from other grease additive suppliers.

The grease manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, with new challenges and demands emerging regularly. At LUBIMAX®, we embrace this change and continuously innovate our grease additive products. Our commitment to research and development ensures that our customers are always equipped with cutting-edge additives that keep their greases ahead of the competition.

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