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Introducing LubimaxTM 1606 & 1606E | May 2020

New Product Lubimax® 1601HT

LUBIMAX® 1601HT is a high-performance and extremely cost-effective cascade additive package especially designed for formulating mono- and multi-grade engine oils.

This product contains high quality basic components that provide excellent control of deposits formation, oil oxidation, wear, and corrosion.

LUBIMAX® 1601HT has been developed to meet API SF/CF performance levels and lower. This additive package can be used with a wide range of Base Oils, Viscosity Modifiers and Pour Point Depressants to formulate premium quality engine oils with various viscosity grades.


• Good rust and corrosion inhibition. 

• Anti-Oxidation and Antiwear properties. 

• Extremely cost-effective treat-rate. 

• Long lasting durability. 

• High compatibility with other formulations ingredients.

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