7 Dec 2023

LUBIMAX® Cutting Fluids

Did you know?

Cutting Fluids play a pivotal role in metal processing. They cool, lubricate, inhibit corrosion, and flush away metal chips. There are two main types of Cutting Fluids:

💧 Water-based Cutting Fluids:

These are usually emulsions prepared by diluting a concentrate with water. They’re used in drilling, cutting, turning, and grinding metal parts.

🛢️ Neat Oils:

Conversely, are non-water-miscible preparations used straight from the manufacturer in cutting, grinding, and honing. Both types have a complex composition, often based on mineral oils or synthetic hydrocarbons. They contain various additives like emulsifiers, buffers, stabilizers, anti-fog additives, foam inhibitors, solubility enhancers, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, extreme-pressure additives, and biocides tailored to specific needs.

But here’s the catch – water-based Cutting Fluids can change during the working process. The concentration may rise due to water vaporization, the emulsion might break, and the pH may shift due to heating or bacterial contamination. Additional biocides may be added during use to prevent microbial growth, and other oils may leak into the Cutting Fluids from processing machines. So next time you see a metal part, remember the crucial role of Cutting Fluids in its creation and the intricate science behind these fluids!

Unlock optimum cutting fluid performance with the LUBIMAX® SolCut series. Experience unparalleled productivity and efficiency with the advanced LUBIMAX® SolCut Series, your key to formulating the perfect cutting fluid. Say goodbye to frequent tool replacements and downtime, and embrace extended tool life, ensuring maximum throughput for your operations.

Meet the demands of modern-day ultra-high-speed and high-pressure machining with confidence. Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to craft high-quality parts from new, lightweight, and high-strength special alloys, elevating your production to new heights.

Safety and environmental consciousness are at the heart of the LUBIMAX® SolCut Series. Witness a significant reduction in waste, energy consumption, and water usage, positively impacting both your bottom line and the planet. Take a step towards sustainable manufacturing practices and create a safer working environment for your team.

Discover the potential with LUBIMAX® SolCut Series. Embrace the future of cutting fluid technology today!

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